Thursday, December 26, 2019

available works

I write genre fiction, essentially. I could go on and on about what exactly I mean, the degree to which it's science fiction, the ways in which it's fantasy, my relationship to horror, but whatever. Where does any of that bullshit show up in the story? It isn't important to see what's on my workbench; the final products are below. You are likely here because you read something you liked, and so you'll probably also like something else.

Personally, my favorite stories are "You Can Walk on the Moon if the Mood's Right," "The Last of the Real Good Days," and "Drydown 1973." The most popular, to the best of my ability to estimate, have been "The Vine That Ate The South" and "Start With Color." The most negative feedback directed my way was in regards to "The End of Tin" and, again, "The Vine That Ate The South."

Short stories: 

"The Minotaur" and "Start With Color" are set in the same world but share no characters.
"You Can Walk on the Moon if the Mood's Right."
"The Vine That Ate the South," originally published in Chizine, now available as a cheap Kindle single.
"The End of Tin."
"Her Brother and His Sister."

Anthology contributions:

"Out South of Borachon Creek," in How The West Was Weird. Later published in altered form as part of Frankie Teardrop.
"Start With Color" in Chilling Horror Short Stories and Strange Horizons: The First Fifteen Years.
"Drydown 1973" in Haunted House Short Stories.
"The Last of the Real Good Days" in Submerged.
"Merrythoughts" in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 2011 (ed. Rich Horton)

Out of print novels: 

Low Country
Frankie Teardrop (still available for the Kindle, though since the publisher is defunct, none of the pennies trickle down to me)

Self-published novels: 

The haunted house novel Downbelow Domino.
The vampire action adventure thing The Saint of Daybreak.

I'm sure I've forgotten some things. There are also other things that aren't available online, were published in actual physical magazines to which I can't link, etc.