Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My novels from Fey Publishing: Low Country and Frankie Teardrop.

My self-published Kindle novels: The Saint of Daybreak and Downbelow Domino.

Short stories:

My favorites of my short stories available online are "You Can Walk On The Moon If The Mood's Right" and "Merrythoughts."

One of my most popular stories available online seems to be "Start With Color," which takes place in the same setting as "The Minotaur."  Commentary track trivia: "Start With Color" was originally titled "Prospero"; "Merrythoughts" was originally "Everyone Gets a Wish When She Breaks."

"Out South of Borachon Creek" is in How The West Was Weird, which is also available for the Kindle.

"The End of Tin" is end of the world type sf about the Tin Woodsman of Oz, while "David Bowie's Mars Triptych" and "The Kingfish and the Tunguska Machine" are alternate histories about real people.

My short story "The Vine That Ate The South," previously published in Chizine, is available as a Kindle short.

My food/drink/cooking blog: Okay, check it out.

Naturally you can email me, icaneatglass at gmail.com, and you know, change the at to an @.