Monday, January 15, 2018

a needed update

Some important updates:

1: My short story "Her Brother and His Sister" has been published in the first 2018 issue of The Dark.

2: My surf bum sorcerer story "The Last of the Real Good Days," one of several stories in a planned series, appears in the undersea-themed anthology Submerged. (Also available on Amazon.)

3: My novels Low Country and Frankie Teardrop, published by Fey Publishing, are in the process of being delisted from Amazon etc. due to the publisher folding and no one being at the wheel to collect the sales revenue. I'm not certain what will happen to them next.

4: Close friends know this, but this may be worth pointing out. My most prolific period was in the early 2000s. While that's partly because I started spending more time working on novels, which have a much more time-consuming cycle of work-submission-rejection-submission-etc, it's also due to medical complications. Around 2002 the migraines that I'd had since I was a kid started to become more frequent, which came to a head (no pun intended) the year later, requiring daily medication. It took over almost 15 years before I found a combination of treatments that both prevented the migraines and left me reasonably free of side effects. Nothing's perfect - I still get migraines sometimes, and there are still memory deficits and cognitive ellipses that I haven't totally shaken from previous medication use - but the improvement is significant.

Am I certain that the migraines made me less prolific? No. I also finished grad school and started freelancing full time in that period. But one of the things both migraines and medication interfered with was the ability to maintain long-term focus on a project. I've published a few million words of work-for-hire in that same period, most of it consisting of things that require less sustained attention or inventiveness. But sticking with a fiction project has been harder, as has gathering the inertia to get one rolling. Moreover, that seems to be improving now.